Gabriella Toth

Gabriella Toth, an 18-year-old student at San Diego State University, is a passionate dancer and aspiring business professional. Her journey in dance began at the tender age of two, and since then, she has immersed herself in a diverse range of styles, including ballet (Cecchetti trained and certified to Grade 9), pointe, contemporary, hip-hop, jazz, and Pom.

During her formative years, Gabriella honed her skills and dedication at CF Dance Academy, where she not only trained extensively but also took on the roles of assistant instructor and choreographer, working with students of all ages. Her commitment to the art of dance extended beyond the studio as she generously volunteered with Fullerton Cares's Everybody Dance Now program, where she played an instrumental role in teaching dance to children with special needs.

At Canyon High School, Gabriella's talent and leadership shone brightly. She served as the captain of Canyon's Dance Company and was a valued member of Canyon's Varsity Song Team, contributing to their success with her exceptional dancing abilities and team spirit.

Currently, Gabriella is a member of SDSU's VSA Modern competitive hip-hop team, further enriching her dance repertoire and honing her choreography skills. With a steadfast determination to combine her passion for dance with her academic pursuits, Gabriella is majoring in business, with aspirations of becoming a renowned dance instructor and choreographer. Her ultimate goal is to establish her own dance studio, where she can inspire and nurture the next generation of dancers. Gabriella Toth is a shining example of dedication, talent, and ambition in the world of dance and business.

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